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Last modified: 2020. October 21.

Name: Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Areas of science covered by the faculty: Business and Management Sciences, Economics, Pedagogy Science

Dean: Tamás Tánczos, PhD.

Vice Dean: Ádám Novotny, PhD.

Head of the Dean's Office: Attila Farkas

Number of students: 1995

Areas of training: Economics, Social Science, Teacher Training

Bachelor programmes (BA)
• Human resources (full time, part time)
• Business Administration and Management (full time, part time)
• Tourism and Catering (full time, part time)
• Social Pedagogy (full time, part time)
• Integrated teacher training ('undivided')
Master programmes (MA)
• Business development (full time, part time)
• Management and leadership (full time, part time)
Teacher training ('divided')
• Teacher of Economics (Entrepreneurial studies specialization) (full time, part time)
Postgraduate specialist training courses
Financial culture, development of business competences in public education (part time)
Higher-level vocational training
• Business Administration and Management(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) (full time, part time)
• Tourism and Catering (full time, part time)

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