The Global Cooking Night

Last modified: 2019. December 11.

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience" – James Beard.

This statement explains the idea of the famous Global Cooking Night. There is nothing that can bring people together like good food and dining. From the preparation of food to presentation and finally dining and mingling with different people from all over the world was my highlight of the night.
For a moment I looked at all those people at the event, all there to take their taste buds on a global tour in one place and in one night. Africa, Europe, Asia, and so on. What more could one ask for? From Horse meat to Pasta you could tell that everything that you can eat in the world is here.
"Can we interview you?" asked a guy holding a microphone, as I was busy serving people who kept asking for our most delicious Milk-Tart. Indeed, this event is massive. I personally feel like it should be recognised nationally. Hungary has opened an amazing opportunity for internationals to come and experience their culture, and to open an opportunity for us to introduce our dishes and culture really is a cherry on top.
The interesting thing about attending events where people from different parts of the world are all gathered together is that it changes your worldview, it sorts of makes you a new person who start to reason in a different way. Virginia Woolf once said, "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dinned well". The event goes far beyond than just people coming in to share food and entertainment, to people thinking differently, learning to appreciate things that they took for granted before and most importantly they become better people who are filled with Joy, Love and Peace.

The entertainment of the night was just mind-blowing. From musicians to dances. Every performance was world-class. They really deserve a pat on the back for amazing performances. We can not forget to recognise the event organisers and everyone who took their time to prepare for this event, their efforts did not go unnoticed.
The Panel of Judges did an amazing job. They did their job exceptionally. Tasting all the food from sweet to spicy and hot must have been such an experience for them and having to choose the winner was obviously going to be hard, however, at the end everyone was happy with the results. What I also loved the most was them going to people who were cooking that night after the event and expressing how much they loved their food, that was impressive.
The Global Cooking Night is be the best event I have ever attended. I feel that it should get state recognition and should be a full day event. It is an amazing event that should only get bigger and better. GCN is the future.

Article: Silabela Mxolisi
Photos: Bokodi Máté, Kakuk Dániel

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