Eszterházy Goes Global graduation ceremony

Last modified: 2015. February 25.

Eszterházy Károly University of Applied Sciences organized "Eszterházy Goes Global" graduation ceremony for the first time on 22 January 2015 for Brazilian students studying in Eger within the frameworks of the Science Without Borders program.

Four of our students, Amanda Carolina Pistolato, Paulo Caires Pena Pessoa Junior, José Tarcísio De Melo Valença Neto, Wagner Leandro de Lima successfully completed all the requirements of the Computer Science program on a Bachelor level and finished their studies at the end of January 2015. The ceremony was opened by Dr. Kálmán Liptai, the rector of Eszterházy Károly University of Applied Sciences. Beside the management of the institution, the rector, the vice-rectors, deans and vice-deans, the vice-mayor of the City of Eger, the representatives of the Hungarian Rectors' Conference and Szent István University, the family members and friends of the graduating students and the Szent István University Brazilian students attended the ceremony, too. The newly established insitutional award of Eszterházy Károly University of Applied Sciences that recognizes achievement in internationalization was also given for the first time on 22 January.

Our College aims to maintain its Hungarian-Brazilian ties in the future; hence we are exploring the possibility of establishing new institutional collaborations with some Brazilian universities in order to exchange students as well as to promote academic collaboration. Hence, we have established the "Eszterházy Student Ambassador" post and we are delighted that three of our Brazilian students have been appointed as ambassadors by the Rector of the institution. These students received their appointment documents as part of the "Eszterházy Goes Global" event. We are convinced that this initiative will assist the institution in a short- and long term too; it will help to expand and deepen the collaboration with Brazilian higher education institutions and spread its reputation outside of Europe, and it will help the institution to establish and maintain its international alumni network.
We hope that these connections will continue to thrive so that more and more Brazilian students will have the chance to study at our institution in the future as it is highly beneficial for both the students and the institutions.

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