APAIE Conference and Exhibition

Last modified: 2019. December 11.

The APAIE (Asia-Pacific Association for International Education) Conference and Exhibition brings together international education policy-makers, practitioners and experts from across the globe to the Asia-Pacific region to network, improve professional skills and learn about new developments in international education.

APAIE Conference and Exhibition debuted in 2006 with 400 delegates. It now attracts 2,000 delegates and over 200 exhibitors. The growing attendance each year at the Conference reflects the burgeoning interest in the region and recognition of the Asia Pacific's important role in international education.

APAIE 2019 was organised in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Our university was represented as part of a delegation of the Tempus Public Foundation by the Head of the Centre for International Relations.

For Eszterházy Károly University South-East Asia is a strategically important area as the university has several partnerships with universities in countries such as Indonesia, China and Taiwan. We also receive a number of international students within the framework of Stipendium Hungaricum from Asian countries.

The exhibition provided an excellent opportunity to build new partnerships and to reinforce existing ones.





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