Last modified: 2020. February 04.

Rector`s welcome

Welcome to Eszterházy Károly University, one of the foremost higher education institutions in Hungary.
We have earned our leading position by providing extensive research opportunities, by nurturing and retaining the best talent and by ensuring students receive a great classroom experience. This all takes place in an environment that is highly conducive to the acquisition and creation of knowledge.

Our institution takes great pride in its past: it is Bishop Károly Eszterházy we have to thank as it was his efforts to establish a university in Eger in the eighteenth century that has brought us to where we are today.
Today, Eszterházy Károly University serves its students with a wide variety of educational programmes at four campuses located in four cities of the region. In addition to taking courses in the traditional fields of pedagogy, the natural sciences, the creative arts and the humanities, students are also able to embark on undergraduate and graduate programmes in fields that meet the demands of the marketplace while also allowing for individual success and fulfilment. Our primary aim is to equip students with the knowledge that the labour market demands. The research and knowledge centres operating under the Eszterházy banner expedite academically engaging scientific research as well as satisfying the practical requirements of the region's organisations and companies.

We believe in the value of knowledge and in the power of intellectual strength achieved through education. An education that we believe should be open to all and to this end our campuses in the historic towns of Eger, Sárospatak, Gyöngyös and Jászberény are always ready to welcome both international students and guests.

Kálmán Liptai,PhD.


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